1. Very nice and helpful

    I visited twice - once for a consultation and once for a molar removal. Everyone was very nice and helpful. Everything for the procedure to the payment (as well as how to prep and take care afterwards). The actual tooth pull was painless. After I could feel my face again, I took only advil and had a minimum of discomfort. I'll be back in 4 months for the next phase.…Read More

    Eddie, West St Paul
  2. Perfect fit

    Called in before I had a chance to sit down. Dental implant, first step--easy- peas i.e. I've only taken 1 & 1/2 pain pills. Staff friendly & pleasant. I didn't think I would ever find a Dentest that could fill Dr. Jerry Ericksons' shoes, but Dr. Lingle is a perfect fit.…Read More

    Marlene Bentheimer, St. Paul
  3. Excellent dental work done

    Excellent dental work done by good folks! Pain-free installation of a titanium implant post. We'll do the abutment and crown next year to maximize dental insurance cost participation.…Read More

    Michael, Maplewood
  4. St. Paul Dental Center supports the maintenance of my overall good health

    An experienced dental care patient (80-years-plus), I know that my 20-year partnership with the professional staff at the St. Paul Dental Center supports the maintenance of my overall good health. Cleaning on a regular schedule, addressing any needs for additional dental issues quickly and my own compliance with staff recommendations for care between appointments are a winning combination. I was a…Read More

    Joanne, Falcon Heights
  5. Really great place

    Really great place, efficient and great customer service.…Read More

  6. ALWAYS got an appointment quickly

    Have had to get me in on "semi-emergency" basis several times and ALWAYS got an appointment quickly. Staff extremely courteous, concerned about my welfare and very friendly. Dr. Lingle listens to everything I have to say (even with amouthful) and explains everything he's going to do clearly and in detail.…Read More

    Jayme, Marine
  7. I felt I was in very good hands

    Service was excellent, from setting appointments and getting timely reminders to being seen on time, being given complete and comprehensible information of procedures and care and interacting with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. I felt I was in very good hands and was put at ease during the procedure.…Read More

    Molly, St. Paul
  8. Excellent clinic

    Excellent clinic from the front desk to Dr. Lingle. The office is decorated beautifully. The assistants are calm and conversational. Dr. Lingle is a delight as he tells stories and informs me of each step of the procedure. I am most grateful to all involved in my care.…Read More

    Jann, Rosemount
  9. Provides honest treatment options

    Dr. Lingle is the best dentist. Very professional, always provides honest treatment options and makes every visit pleasant.…Read More

    Megan, Stacy
  10. Consumate professionals – and then some

    This was what I would call major work, and as usual even this three hour "cruise" was made comfortable and as easy for me as can possibly be expected. Every aspect of this removal of nine teeth and instant replacement with a fitted temporary bridging was professionally rapid, effective, and essentially painless. From reception to finish this team from Cathy, Sheryl, and notably Dr Lingle are consu…Read More

    Louis Newell, Mahtomedi