Chris and Jess, the St. Paul Dental Center hygienists, are a vital part of the team. Their knowledge expands well beyond just “pick, flick, and make them slick.” As University of Minnesota graduates, they received extensive training at the U of M dental clinics. But their knowledge doesn’t stop there; aside from the dental hygiene courses they attended, they have a broad background in anatomy, physiology, microbiology, pathology, and pharmacology. As hygienists, Chris and Jess know how to guide you through the process to prevent periodontal disease. They provide intervention therapies, take steps to avoid more invasive periodontal treatments, and help maintain tissues after therapies through regular visits. And your comfort is their number-one priority. This being said, our hygienists are able to administer local anesthetic and nitrous oxide gas to make your appointment as comfortable as possible. Between the two of them, they have an impressive combined 44 years of experience. But rest assured they aren’t content to just rest on their laurels. To provide you the best treatment possible, Chris and Jess are constantly keeping up with the latest in their field, with regular attendance in continuing education courses. So at your next appointment, lean back, relax, and know that Chris and Jess are committed to your comfort and optimal oral health.

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